Bradley, I completed a web site / search engine audit.

Here is what I found:

Your site is not mobile friendly.

This is a big problem for people who search for HVAC related keywords on a mobile phone and can't read your site.

50% of all web traffic and web searches are now from mobile devices.

Google is about to release an update that penalizes rankings of sites that are not mobile friendly.

The site fails the Google Mobile Friendly Test:


On the design front, I would recommend the following:

List your hours, including if you offer weekend / emergency calls

A list of service areas

A way for customers to submit testimonials right from the site

A "tap to call" button for mobile users to call you with one click

A contact us form on the contact us page instead of just an email
(Putting the email address on the contact us page invites the spammers to send junk mail)

Fix Broken Video on Home Page


You are not ranking in the top 20 for any HVAC
related keywords on any search engine:




One of the big problems with your search engine rankings is your business
location being listed in your Google Plus Business Page in Mt Pleasant.

Google now allows you to put in Service Areas - so you can list all the cities in Maury County.

There is good news from a search engine optimization standpoint.

It looks like none of the competition is doing any serious SEO.

You could realistically increase service calls by 15% or more by getting
some top search rankings on Heating / AC related search terms.

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