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Needs Assessment: Website Redesign, Search Engine Optimization, &  Sales Funnel

1) Website Design

The website located at, currently has two issues to overcome. Number one is the site is not mobile responsive. With over 50% of all web traffic mobile, this is going to hurt conversions. You can see what the average mobile phone user will see at your site by clicking here


The second issue is that the site is not built on a content management system. This effectively doubles the labor involved to do things like changing menu items, adding new pages for states, etc. Depending on the investment you have in the current site, we can potentially work around the issue, but it may cost more in the long run. 

The three minute video below outlines our web development process:

2) Traffic Generation

The primary focus will be on driving traffic to the national site: We will begin by doing keyword research to identify the best opportunites to rank on national keywords like - offer in compormise, tax relief, tax audit help, etc. We will also begin building out pages based on states we rant to rank for, as an example:


We can use the authority being built from the national optimization process to rank each state page quicker as we move forward.

If desired, we can target the other local websites for monthly SEO and or maintenance packages.

We build links in a way that mimics the path of viral content, the exact same structure that happens naturally online when something goes viral. This is exactly what Google always says they want: Create quality content that attracts links and goes viral. The difference is, here we just make it go viral ourselves.

This is the most naturally occurring link structure for getting authority links. This means faster rankings, while keeping your sites safe from over optimization penalties, by funneling links through properties that the search engines recognize as authority sites.

Below is the structure of one of our link silos. We build between 3 to 5 of these per month for each site, depending on the keywords we want to rank.


Each link silo begins with a hand written article by our team of U.S. based content creation specialists. This is an extremely powerful ranking process, and best of all - it is impossible for the competition to backwards engineer.


1. Link Authority: The Authority Module

The first thing you need in order to rank is Link Authority. We start by first creating mini-authority top-level properties that link back to your site on high authority blogging sites like WordPress, Blogspot, & Tumblr.

These properties serve as the seed for our viral structure. They are optimized with relevant, original articles, videos, and pictures. We want them to be dripping quality and relevance for your subject matter.

Now its time to make them go viral.

When an authority site posts an article, other sites immediately begin writing responses that link back to it. Our next process simulates exactly that. We create a viral link structure that pushes link juice up through 3 layers, through the optimized mini-authority properties that funnel all of that built up seo ranking authority to your site.

The Authority Module includes:

  • Top Level Properties (Like WordPress, Blogspot, & Tumblr)
  • Supporting Web 2.0s
  • Supporting Bookmarks
  • Supporting Profile Links

The amount of links for each of the layers depends on the competition of the keywords we are trying to rank.

2. Link Volume – The Volume Module

The second thing you need in order to rank is Link Volume, meaning the syndication of articles by hundreds of other sites.

We slow-drip each article to our own private network of PR sites over a period of 3+ weeks. By slow-dripping these articles, we create a steady link velocity. This means you’ll get a natural flow of links over a long period of time, not just all at once. Link building requires attention to detail.  We have created a finely tuned, extremely powerful ranking system that is backed by thousands of hours of research and testing.


“Co-citations” are links to other, non-competing high authority sources. In the naturally occurring web, most articles link to more than one source. When we build links back to your site, we’ll also include a link to a non-competing high authority domain which diversifies your outbound links and helps eliminate footprints.

3) Sales Funnels & Conversion

Our first sales funnel will be an optin email driven content strategy. I visited to see what the most shared content was related to taxes. In the graphic below you can see an article that had 7500 plus shares and likes on social media. This is the perfect type of headline and content to give away on the site in exchange for a visitors email address.



When a user requests the content we have put together by opting in via the web form, the system triggers an email autoreponder with seven or more timed emails. Each of these emails are tips, or education based, not hard sell. Our goal is to get the recipient more and more engaged, until you are the recognized expert they trust.

We will use Google analytics to track the conversions occurring on the site:

This 90 second video shows how Google Analytics tracks Conversions


Website Design Package

Rebuild website in Content Management based framework.

Replicate each landing page on site current structure so that any incoming links are maintained.

Integrate sales funnel functionality

Design for mobile devices

Social media integration

Blogging functionality

On Page SEO

Video Integration

Custom Graphics

SEO Pricing

Nationwide SEO Package 3 URLs
5 Keywords per URL

24 - 100% Unique Articles On Tier 1 Properties

Approx Total Monthly Links To Site:
48 In-Context Links

Authority Module Tier 1: Unique (Non-Spun) Content 8 Top Level Blogs With 3 Original Articles

Each Tier 2: (Spun Content) 75+ Supporting Web 2.0 Properties 200+ Supporting Social Bookmarks 500+ Profile Links

Volume Module 200 Private Network Posts

All content by U.S. Based Writers


Seo Campaign Setup 

Keyword Research

One time fee

Conversion / Sales Funnel

Create topical giveaway report on taxes

Seven series email autoresponder

Optin form integrated to autoresponder service

Setup Mailchimp auto responders

Integrate Google Analytics

Additional options per further discussion


Click below to see a sample sales 
funnel built for a client:

SEO for the state and local sites can be implemented at between $395 and $595 depending on competition.