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Below is a high level overview of the Facebook Sales Funnel Process:

The Power of Facebook Marketing

Over the last year, Facebook has become the go to platform for online marketing.  The reason - targeting. Facebook can target users in a way that no other advertising platform can even begin to dream about. 

We will be using what is known as a Facebook Custom Audience to target people for our marketing campaign.

After using some research tools to target facebook users based on interests, we were able to develop the following custom audience of 130,000 people:


The next step is to create three to five facebook ad campaigns with different photos, headlines and call to action buttons. We will run these ads for five days until we have determined the most effective ad, and then we will scale that ad.

We will build a custom landing page for the facebook ads. When driving paid traffic, a landing page is always used because they are, on average, twice as effective at generating a conversion than sending traffic to a web site.  Landing pages mus be "mobile responsive" meaning the page will resize automatically to fit a smartphone or tablet. Over 50% of facebook traffic is mobile and we don't want to lose these people.  

Once the visitor has submitted a web form requesting more information on the landing page, we can automatically re-direct them to the main web site so they can read more about the company.

Here is an example landing page we used for generating leads for Day Care Centers:

We will set up a Targeting / Conversion Pixel on the landing page. This will allow us to deliver another set of facebook ads to users who visited the page but did not opt-in or request more information.

Finally, when a visitor submits the form on the landing page, they will be subscribed to a set of email auto responders that will send them one email a day, for seven days, educating them on the benefits of the Angel Watch program.


Targeting  / Conversion Pixel Profits

The most advanced online marketers have begun implementing re-targeting & conversion pixel technology, and have been able to increase sales dramatically. If you have ever looked at a product on, then seen an ad for that exact same product later, as you surfed the web on sites like CNN or USA TODAY, you have been targeted by a conversion pixel.

Before this targeting pixel technology, you had to entice web site visitors who did not make a purchase to give you their email address in order to allow further communication. Even the best conversion rate optimization specialists are thrilled with a 5% to 7% email optin conversion rate. This means a staggering 90% plus of web site visitors who do not engage are lost, along with the potential sale.

 Re-targeting with conversion pixels allows you to stay in touch with 100% of all the people who have ever visited any page on your website. This technology can drive sales conversions better than any other currently available marketing tool or process.


Conversion - Split Testing

Conversion Rate Optimization


 Delivering the right ad to the right audience is critical. The text, image, link and everything else about the ad and the landing page must be as relevant to the audience as possible. This will allow us to achieve the coveted “high relevance” score from Facebook. A score above 8/10 means that the ad is has a High Relevance Score - the more relevant the ad, the lower the cost per desired action.

Tool such as for web site landing pages, and for facebook ads, allow us to continually utilize split tests (also known as A/B tests) for all marketing campaigns. Two to three percent increases in ad clicks, combined with two to three percent incremental increases in landing page conversion can add up over time to dramatically cut customer acquisition costs.

Here is a quick example. Below are two headlines that were tested and the results posted on

Headline A: Get $10 off the first purchase. Book online now!

Headline B: Get an additional $10 off. Book online now. 

The CTR (click through rate) actually doubled with option B.

Small adjustments in headlines, call to action buttons, and ad images over time, are like compound interest, they add up to big savings.

We will always have two versions of a landing page running side by side to determine which converts better.

The winner becomes the new control page, and a new challenger is built to split test against the control page.

These techniques will dramatically reduce ad spend and customer acquisition costs.

Lead Generation & Sales Conversion Funnel

We Provide:

Targeted facebook custom audience

5 Facebook Campaigns to develop a winning ad

Daily Facebook Campaign Management

Weekly Reporting

Custom Landing Page for signups

Auto-responder sequence


You Provide:

Cost of Landing Page / Lead Gen Software Plugin - $147

Cost of autoresponder (MailChimp) - $20 per month

Initial Budget for Facebook Ads - $1000 per month

Authorization of content usage from websites (pre-approved)