The Importance of Business Blogging

Let’s first define blogging, and then breakdown down why it is important to your business. A blog, technically, is a website (or part of a website) that adds frequent updated content on a specific topic. Obviously, blogging is thus the process of creating and adding new content. Blogging is a key component of any inbound marketing strategy. When prospects pull out their smart phones or fire up their computers and starting looking for what you do or sell, blogging makes your business a bigger target. Here’s why:

1. The search engines like websites that change. Search engines “crawl” websites – sometimes everyday. They can read (and make sense of) every word on a site. They know when things change. They like it when you update, or “freshen,” your website. Google, and the others, will think you are keeping up with the times – that you’re remaining “relevant.” Because the search engines like what you doing, they will rank you higher in search results. Higher rankings, more clicks, more opportunities to convert leads into prospects into customers.

2. You become a better match. The search engines learn what you do, so they can do a better job matching you up with those seeking you. Since you blog about your business you are adding more “keywords” that can match the search terms used by the searcher. It’s not complicated. More blogging, more words, more chance to connects.

3. Customers read your blogs, too. You are not only being read by machines. People really do read your blog. They may not subscribe to your blog, but if their search returns your blog in the search results, they are exposed to your expertise. Instant chemistry!

4. You are incrementally build a bigger, robust website. Each blog post is actually a new page of the website, and each page has a distinctive URL. All these posts help the site rank better overall, and provide more keyword search term matching opportunities.

5. Blogs build traffic. Because you rank better for more terms, more traffic finds you. It’s like moving your business to the best location on main street.

6. Blogging builds trust. So a searcher finds your blog on your website, and your competitor’s website – that has no blog. You educate the searcher. He or she “hears” your voice as you help them in their search. Who do they trust? Who do they think is the expert? Who do they do business with?

7. Blogging is like a business annuity. A blog post written today goes to work, and works for you 24/7 forever (at least “forever” in computer time). It may be two years before it brings you a good customer, but they come. A little effort today pays off generously in the future.

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