The Big 3 Ranking Factors for Websites

Search engines, like Google, have ranking algorithms that change and evolve with time. The algorithms are made up of “ranking factors” that are weighed and considered in establishing how website pages are positioned or “ranked” in search results. Although these factors are for the most part confidential, experts consistently observe and test the rankings and draw educated conclusions about the key variables. Close to two hundred factors have been identified. Here are the Big 3 – the most heavily weighted factors in ranking websites.

1. Quality citations. A citations is a listing of essential business information, particularly the business name, address and phone number appearing in respected listings or directories across the internet. Not all such directories are respected and trusted equally by the search engines. For a business website to appear well in search results, appearing frequently in quality directories is key.

2. Quality back-links. A link is a reference in another website pointing to your website. It is in a “clickable” form, meaning a person on the other site can click the link and be transferred to your website. Search engines “read” such links as an endorsement of a website. But these search engines are so smart – they differentiate among the links based up the “referring website.” Not all links are valuable, and some are even dangerous – they can result in your site being seriously penalized in the rankings. These day, all links must be approached carefully.

3. Reviews. Search engines now respond to the will of the masses. The quantity and quality of reviews is measured and used in ranking websites. Reviews from many sources (Yelp, Facebook, etc.) are considered, although the most seriously valued by Google are reviews of businesses from Google+ users. Every business needs to be about securing good reviews from its customers.

We have the recipe for making these and all the other factors work for you. Call us today.

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