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Local businesses or agents of regional or national franchises face a unique set of issues when marketing themselves locally online. Here are some of my observations of some of the peculiar challenges faced, and some of the advantages available to franchisors. 1. Restrictions on Franchisors. One of the common issues facing franchisors is a prohibition […]

Football coaches say they are “self scouting” when they look at their teams with a very critical eye – as if they were opposing coaches breaking down the strength and weaknesses of their team. You can do something like that by taking a critical and realistic view how your business appears on the Internet. Let […]

Recently, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on survey conducted on behalf of Bank of America on mobile phones and their owners. Forty seven percent (47%) said they wouldn’t last a day without their phones. 35% said they constantly check their phones, while 26% said they check theirs several times per day. 13% said they hardly ever […]

1. Use posts, images and videos that are engaging. Short, succinct posts are the most well received. Photos and video get even more attention. Pictures with “faces” do better on Facebook. 2. Create conversation. Ask your audience to share their thoughts on a subject – then engage the responses … don’t ignore them! 3. Give […]

Let’s first define blogging, and then breakdown down why it is important to your business. A blog, technically, is a website (or part of a website) that adds frequent updated content on a specific topic. Obviously, blogging is thus the process of creating and adding new content. Blogging is a key component of any inbound […]

Culled from a variety of research (details below), here are persuasive facts that should motivate all local businesses to invest in their online presence. 1. 97% of consumers use the Internet when researching local products and services. 2. 140 billion local searches are expected in 2014. 3. 95% of smart phone users have looked for […]

Is you business perceived as legitimate and credible? How does the consumer determine that? In the hyper-speed marketplace of today, with legions who feel empowered by their technology, that is determined online. If your business does not have a presence online, then the modern consumer will not consider you “legit.” That may not, probably should […]