Social Marketing Focus: 10 Tips for Business Facebook Pages

1. Use posts, images and videos that are engaging. Short, succinct posts are the most well received. Photos and video get even more attention. Pictures with “faces” do better on Facebook.

2. Create conversation. Ask your audience to share their thoughts on a subject – then engage the responses … don’t ignore them!

3. Give Facebook followers special, exclusive deals. Include very clear calls to action and details, and create a sense of urgency with time limits.

4. Make your Facebook page an exclusive source of information. You want your fans to feel special, and smarter, too!

5. Be timely. Meaning – know what’s going on in your followers’ world. News items, events, and holidays effect them. Post things relevant to their world.

6. Plan your Facebook conversations. Sit down with your calendar and outline your engagements for months ahead. Mesh your business calendar with the world of your fans.

7. Schedule your posts. See the little clock right beside the little balloon and camera where you post comments? You can use that little device to schedule comments in advance.

8. Target posts. Use your page’s sharing tool to target specific groups of people with your posts.

9. Use links to your website. Facebook is a great way to get traffic to your website. Use links in your posts. These links also contribute to your search engine optimization program.

10. Analyze post performance. Use the Page Insights offered by Facebook to develop an understanding of your audience, their interests and what they react to positively.

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