Reputation Marketing: Turning Reviews Into Gold!

Last month we talked about “reputation marketing” – the new way of protecting and then leveraging your business’ online persona to generate more prospects and profits.

We have added a three minute video to that talks about our exciting new software that allows you to take charge and control of your reputation campaign directly. Watch the VIDEO here.

Let me outline what this powerful tool does for your business and how it works.

1. Once we set up your program dashboard, literally all you have to do to “unleash” the power is to input the email addresses of your customers (patient, clients, etc.) and friends of your business.

2. The system then reaches out to your customers with a survey set up in a review format. Gentle reminder emails – on a schedule selected by you – are sent as many times as you like (we usually suggest three times) to secure a response. The customer is asked to review the business and make a star rating of one to five stars.

3. If the review meets a certain preset threshold of stars – usually four or five stars – a follow up email is sent back to customers with a video of a professional actor or actress (your choice) thanking the client and providing a request and instructions about posting the reviews online. They will be directed to Google+, Yelp, or other sites for review posting.

4. Reviews that fall below the threshold provide a three fold benefit to you. First, the negative impact is contained and remains off the Internet, with the customer getting a chance to vent. Second, you might receive some effective constructive criticism of your business or staff, things you may not have otherwise have learned. And third, a video is emailed to the customer and begins the process of possibly rehabilitating the relationship.

But, wait, there is more.

5. In addition to the review going out to certain review sites, good reviews received into the system will automatically be published to social sites on which your business has registered pages including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin. Cool, right? All your friends, fans and followers will see all these great reviews being posted.

But wait, there is even more.

6. The program creates a microsite – a one page website for your business – that includes basic business information and all your good reviews. This microsite is another effective “property” on the Internet for your business – many of these websites rank well in the search engines. Still more! This microsite also has a WordPress plugin feature that can allows insertion of the microsite page into your business’ website generating a page of reviews..

The objective of the program is that potential customers and all the search engines know how well your business is doing. Your business will rank better online and prospects will more likely CHOOSE YOU!

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