Reputation Management – Three Ways It Pays

Most people probably understand, at least somewhat, what reputation management is. Something bad appears on the Internet about them or their business. “Management” is an after-the-fact attempt to remove the info, bury it, or at least blunt its impact. Too often there is little that can be done to mitigate the sting of negatives online.

The time to act is now, before bad stuff happens. It’s called Reputation Marketing – a proactive method of securing reviews that pay off in at least three ways:

1. Protection. Regular recruiting from customers, clients of patients reviews, for which you somewhat control the publication creates a wealth of positive endorsements online that severely lessens the impact of negatives when they come along.

2. Conversion – Making Sales. Good reviews help close sells. Research says that good reviews will result in a person doing business with the business for 2/3’s of those reviewed. Conversely, a negative review with have the opposite effect half the time.

3. Ranking higher. Google and the other search engines weigh heavily online reviews in ordering their search results. The websites of businesses with good reviews are ranked higher, and thus found more easily and clicked on more often. The benefits of multiple good reviews result in an exponential impact.

But how do you this – aren’t reviews hard to ask for and secure? Not with our system. We have a great Reputation Marketing strategy that requires exactly one thing from your business: the emails of your customers. Good reviews are then funneled to the Internet, and bad reviews are addressed outside of the public eye.

Our system does that and so much more. We harvest much useful information that can possibly head off problems in the future. And your clients or customers will be impressed that you are asking for their input. This is a marketing effort that pays for itself!

Learn more about our Reputation Marketing program and watch the short video here.

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