Love Affair: People and Their Phones

Recently, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on survey conducted on behalf of Bank of America on mobile phones and their owners.

Forty seven percent (47%) said they wouldn’t last a day without their phones.

35% said they constantly check their phones, while 26% said they check theirs several times per day. 13% said they hardly ever check, and then only when they need to.

The bank found that 82% their account holders access their accounts at least once a week, and that 31% log in once a day.

How long can the do without? 28% said they could do without their phones for about a week. But 24% said they would feel naked without it after 24 hours.

Give up what? 45% said they would give up alcohol to get their phone back. 34% said they would give up chocolate – ha! – more men than women would make that deal!

Millennials (ages 18-24) said a phone is more important a toothbrush, deodorant (what’s that smell?), a television, a car, or social networking.

38% admit checking their phones while behind the wheel, although in certain jurisdictions that may legally questionable.

50% of all web traffic is now Mobile!

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