Is Your Website “Responsive?” It Must Be – Test Yours

Smartphone and tablet adoption – for internet search – is growing rapidly. That your website be mobile-friendly is important. Critically important. Is yours?

Originally, you had two choices. Have two websites, one a mobile (remember the “.mobi’s”). Or, have a website that would adjust to a mobile phone. Now, we have tablets and other devices. The only thing that makes sense today is to have a website that is “responsive” – one in which the website adjusts automatically depending on the device being use. And it responds in a very user friendly way.


Check it out – very neat!

Why does your website need to be responsive?

1. Google recommends it. Google calls responsive websites an industry best practice.

2. Information on a responsive site is more easily shared, interacted with, and linked.

3. It saves you money. Multiple websites are not needed. And updating and modifying content is simply a one-step function.

4. The future is mobile. That’s just obvious. The numbers of mobile users are growing dramatically.

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