Easy Social Marketing Tips to Help You Build Your Fan Base

There are so many different ways to use social media to market your business. This tips list is not to be an exhaustive examination of any one platform. Rather, these are tips that you may incorporate into what you are already doing to increase the impact of your efforts.

1. Tag Tag Tag! You have people in photos on your business Facebook page? Tag them. The effect is that the photo, and thus references to your business, will appear on the “walls” of everyone tagged. Once there, they will be exposed to all the friends of those tagged. A single photo can be leveraged to promote your business to hundreds, maybe even thousands.

2. Linkedin Endorsing. How do you keep your business in front of people you are connected to on Linkedin? Endorse them for skills relative to their businesses. They’ll be notified of your endorsement. It will be appreciated. They may endorse you back. Remember, givers get.

3. Link Link Link! Anytime you are allowed to comment in any form on one of the social platforms you can “link” to your website, blog, or social media profile. This gives you a double benefit. For those viewing your comment, they have a quick way of learning more about your business. And, maybe unknown to you, Google and other search engines see your link. For that you will get “link juice” – the passing of website authority to your business site, resulting in better rankings in time. The search engines love to see you engaging with the public on social media, and your engagement is being monitored.

4. Reviews. Facebook now allows reviews. Solicit good reviews from your followers. Offer thanks for reviews. Facebook reviews, I predict, will become more and more important in future search engine rankings. And, just like endorsements, reviews are a great way to communicate your affections for other businesses.

5. Hashtags. Remember to use hashtags with Twitter and now Facebook (at least to some degree) to get your posts seen by larger groups.

6. Automated Feeds. New tools exist that automate reposting of content. For instance, by making a blog post, you can have it simultaneously post to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Check with your webmaster to make sure this is being utilized.

7. Leveraging Content. Speaking of content (things like articles, blog posts and news releases), use them, or links to them, as often as possible. For instance, articles I write for this newsletter, are later put on my blog, and then I link my social media to the articles. The idea is to take all you media platforms, connect them, and create this big bad, living, breathing online marketing organism!

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