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Social Marketing Focus: Using LinkedIn to Generate Business

LinkedIn can be viewed as simply "Facebook for Business People." But it can be more, and until recently, I did not understand the platform it provided for lead generation among many other business functions. LinkedIn is…
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Is Your Website “Responsive?” It Must Be – Test Yours

Smartphone and tablet adoption - for internet search - is growing rapidly. That your website be mobile-friendly is important. Critically important. Is yours? Originally, you had two choices. Have two websites, one a mobile (remember the…
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Love Affair: People and Their Phones

Recently, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on survey conducted on behalf of Bank of America on mobile phones and their owners. Forty seven percent (47%) said they wouldn't last a day without their phones. 35% said they…
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Social Marketing Focus: 10 Tips for Business Facebook Pages

1. Use posts, images and videos that are engaging. Short, succinct posts are the most well received. Photos and video get even more attention. Pictures with "faces" do better on Facebook. 2. Create conversation. Ask your…
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