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Social Media Focus: Ten Tips on Using Instagram for Your Business

In our more advanced local marketing packages, we¬†use Instagram as one of our social signals. Instagram is an Internet photo and video sharing services that actually is a social network. Users are able to take pictures…
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Reputation Management – Three Ways It Pays

Most people probably understand, at least somewhat, what reputation management is. Something bad appears on the Internet about them or their business. "Management" is an after-the-fact attempt to remove the info, bury it, or at least…
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Self Scouting Your Business Reputation

Football coaches say they are "self scouting" when they look at their teams with a very critical eye - as if they were opposing coaches breaking down the strength and weaknesses of their team. You can…
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Website Tips: Converting Visitors into Contacts and Customers

Just because your website is ranking well on Google and the other search engines and people are clicking onto your website, does not mean they are going to move any closer to becoming a customer. Once…
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