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Mobile Searches and Google Warnings

In our business we talk about ranking factors - those factors that we think Google takes into consideration in ranking websites in search engine results. Google, as a rule, does not tell us what those factors…
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Easy Social Marketing Tips to Help You Build Your Fan Base

There are so many different ways to use social media to market your business. This tips list is not to be an exhaustive examination of any one platform. Rather, these are tips that you may incorporate…
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Reputation Marketing: Turning Reviews Into Gold!

Last month we talked about "reputation marketing" - the new way of protecting and then leveraging your business' online persona to generate more prospects and profits. We have added a three minute video to that talks…
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Making Local Marketing Work for Franchises

Local businesses or agents of regional or national franchises face a unique set of issues when marketing themselves locally online. Here are some of my observations of some of the peculiar challenges faced, and some of…
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